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Author: Milan Bednár


ISBN: 978-80-971936-0-7

EAN: 9788097193607

Print Length: 99 

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Business on the Internet


Author: Milan Bednár

Publisher: (March 1, 2015)

ISBN: 978-80-971936-0-7 


To be successful, you have to attract the interest of others. I have chosen a different cover of the book intentionally. Did I succeed in attracting your interest? If so, my question is why cannot YOU make others be interested, say, by selling on the internet? You probably do not know how to? You are being lazy, or? You can definitely be more successful, it only takes ideas and creativity.


The Internet...horizons open for everybody.


The book by Slovak author Milan Bednár, translated into English, offers you a different view on doing business on the Internet in form of internet shops and other forms of sale. STOP fancy books on how somebody rented a flat or flat complex, built a hotel and has become a millionaire. Who of you has options like that? Who wants to read around about someone taking their chance and getting rich, when the chance is not here right now? Read a real book without a need to think about impossible. Read the book which will offer you REAL options for selling on the Internet.


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